Barcode Generator

(Sadly, this page broke when I changed the layout of my site. I’ll update it soon. If you’d like to see a working version, see the stand-alone page.)

This page will generate an EAN-13 barcode from a numeric string. It will interpret an 11-digit code as a UPC-A without check digit, a 12-digit code as an EAN-13 without check digit, and a 13-digit code as an EAN-13 with check digit. In each case the check digit will be calculated and appended to the code. The Display button will be disabled until a valid number of characters has been entered.


The barcode above is generated by a self-contained page which does not rely on server-side code or graphics to operate. The way it works is by using CSS to generate the appropriate pattern of lines and spaces for the UPC-A/EAN-13 code you provide. You can play with the actual generator to get a feel for how it works. Try changing the values of the code and desc parameters.

I may add support for more symbologies, so check back periodically or feel free to remind me if take to long to get around to it.


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