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Useless Gadget Features

I guess I would never make it as the CEO of some electronic gadget company, because I would never dream of loading down every gadget with a web browser and a picture viewer. I love my Nintendo Wii; I’ve spent

Pre-emptive Snarkiness

It’s all about the sense of humor, people. First of all, read the “pre-emptive snarky comment” that I wrote in the earlier entry about the dragsens utility. It’s pretty clear that, first of all, I’m tipping my hat to Raymond

Windows Drag Sensitivity Utility

UPDATE: Download the latest version from the main project page. There is also a version of this utility with a graphical interface that’s easier to use. Inspired by an article by Raymond Chen about how to correctly change the Windows

Barcode Generator

More fun with one of my favorite languages: A barcode generator written in JavaScript that will create an EAN-13 barcode. The page is completely self-contained and uses no graphics or server-side code. I’ve only tested the page in Internet Explorer

The pbrain Programming Language

>I’ve been working really hard lately – 70 or more hours a week. Consequently, I haven’t had many opportunities for diversion. After staring at the same application all day, every day, though, it’s important to step away and give my

Updated MMP Mancala

>I’ve received a few complaints from people who downloaded my Mancala game, telling me that certain DLLs were missing. I’ve rebuilt the game and repackaged the installation file to include all necessary files. I apologize for this oversight.

.NET Linked List

>(Note: This is a really old entry that I’m keeping around for historical purposes. Recent releases of the .NET Framework now include a generic linked-list class, as well as other generic containers.) The .NET framework does not have a generic