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Olympic Note Passing

A good analogy can often be useful to explain intricate technical details. In an earlier article, “Wrong Fish Food”, I related an analogy that I used to describe a technical issue to a non-technical audience. This article shares an analogy

COMPUTE! Magazine Archives!

I love the Internet! I just found an archive of COMPUTE! magazine, which is the magazine that taught me how to program in the 1980’s. Just recently I was lamenting not keeping every single issue I ever had (which was

Wrong Fish Food, or, Communicating Frustration Non-technically

If you’re reading this site, you’ve probably already determined that I’m a geek. A hard-core, dyed-in-the-wool, walks-into-trees-because-he’s-thinking-about-computers kind of geek. My wife and daughters, bless them, are not. Well, my daughters are somewhat nerdy, in a hip kind of way,

Accelerated C++ Solutions Moved to WordPress

I’ve finally moved my old solutions to the Accelerated C++ solutions to a new set of pages that I can edit with WordPress. There’s now a link and menu in the menu bar on this page. They still only go

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A Keyword I’d Like To See in C#

Although I use C# more and more these days, I still consider myself primarily a C++ developer. C# has a few really neat language features that are just now being added to C++ (like lambdas), but I still find C++

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Windows Drag Sensitivity Utility

UPDATE: Download the latest version from the main project page. There is also a version of this utility with a graphical interface that’s easier to use. Inspired by an article by Raymond Chen about how to correctly change the Windows