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The pbrain Programming Language

Note: I’m no longer updating this page. Please see the official pbrain page for more information. The pbrain programming language is an extension I made to the Brainf**k programming language that adds the ability to define and call procedures. If

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A Script to Find All Aliases for a Cmdlet

I’ve mentioned before that I love PowerShell, but I’m still trying to commit enough Cmdlets and aliases to memory that I can be immediately productive from a Powershell prompt without having to have a browser window open to the Powershell

A Keyword I’d Like To See in C#

Although I use C# more and more these days, I still consider myself primarily a C++ developer. C# has a few really neat language features that are just now being added to C++ (like lambdas), but I still find C++

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The pbrain Programming Language

>I’ve been working really hard lately – 70 or more hours a week. Consequently, I haven’t had many opportunities for diversion. After staring at the same application all day, every day, though, it’s important to step away and give my

.NET Linked List

>(Note: This is a really old entry that I’m keeping around for historical purposes. Recent releases of the .NET Framework now include a generic linked-list class, as well as other generic containers.) The .NET framework does not have a generic

Updated 99 Bottles

>A couple of weeks ago I posted a C# class that outputs the song, “99 Bottles of Beer.” I’ve since made a small revision. I originally used a delegate where an event would have made more sense: handling the “out