Conway’s Game of Life in JavaScript

I realized yesterday that I had never implemented Conway’s Game of Life, which is something of a rite of passage for young computer-science students. As I opted for a more non-traditional path to the software profession, I somehow missed that fun, even though I’ve made a point of implementing other computer-sciency things like it. Here …
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My Life With Programming Languages

A language that doesn’t affect the way you think about programming, is not worth knowing. — Alan Perlis My first programming language was Basic on a TI-99/4A. Contra Dijkstra, I don’t think it did me too much harm. Of course, I did eventually “outgrow” that language. Just now I was pondering my progression through various …
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Update on Ripsaw

A while back I started an article series on a utility named Ripsaw. I have since gotten pretty busy with other projects, and the only extracurricular thing I’ve worked on in the meantime is the lesson series on how to play “Spanish Fly”. I was also waiting for Visual Studio 2010 to hit release, but …
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Ripsaw Library Implementation

In this installment of the Ripsaw article series we’ll start putting some actual code into an implementation of the COM interfaces that we specified in the last article. For those of you who just joined the series, Ripsaw is a log viewer for Windows, similar to the Unix tail utility. This series of articles details my rewrite of the application from the ground up.

Barcode Generator

More fun with one of my favorite languages: A barcode generator written in JavaScript that will create an EAN-13 barcode. The page is completely self-contained and uses no graphics or server-side code. I’ve only tested the page in Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7 beta, and Firefox 1.5. I’m not going to target older browsers, …
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Lisp Interpreter in JavaScript

>Lisp is becoming a theme here, apparently. I suppose I’ve read so many Paul Graham essays that I’m becoming a fan of the language. In order to become more familiar with it, I decided to write a Lisp interpreter in JavaScript. It’s not quite complete, and the semantics are definitely not entirely correct, but it’s …
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