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Comments on Accelerated C++ Solutions

I can’t begin to express how delighted I am at all of the wonderful comments, suggestions, and corrections that have been coming in on the Accelerated C++ Solutions. I would be updating the pages and replying to the comments more,

New Accelerated C++ Chapter!

I’ve finally started adding solutions for chapter 3 of Accelerated C++. Currently only the first three all exercises in chapter 3 are complete. I’ll continue to strive to add new solutions on a regular basis, at least two a week.

Accelerated C++ Solutions Moved to WordPress

I’ve finally moved my old solutions to the Accelerated C++ solutions to a new set of pages that I can edit with WordPress. There’s now a link and menu in the menu bar on this page. They still only go

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More on Accelerated C++ Solutions

For those of you that have been kind enough to write with regard to the Accelerated C++ Solutions page, I haven’t forgotten you. I will be updating the site with new chapters Real Soon Now. If you have any suggestions

Accelerated C++ Solutions

>I often recommend the book Accelerated C++ to people who are just beginning to learn the C++ language. One complaint I often hear is that there are no solutions provided for the exercises. This page exists to remedy that problem.