Author: Paul Parks

It’s Not a DOS Prompt!

I’ve been hearing this a lot lately (you know who you are), so rather than pull all of you aside privately and give this lecture, I thought I’d do it once, publicly. You’re not running a DOS prompt. When you

Ripsaw COM Interface, First Pass

In this installment of the Ripsaw article series we’ll finally get to write some code. We’ve already gotten a pretty good idea about how we want to implement the core Ripsaw library, so now we’re going to define enough of

Refining Ripsaw’s Design

In my last entry in the Ripsaw article series, I discussed some of the design goals for Ripsaw. In this article I’ll flesh out the design a little more and discuss specific implementation possibilities. To bring you up to speed,

Busy Until January

I’ve been assigned to a new project through the end of 2009 so I’m unavailable for now, but if I’m not picked up for an extension I’ll be looking for new projects in 2010. Take a look at my resume

George Walton Academy: Champs!

Congratulations to the George Walton Academy Marching Bulldog Band for taking first place in the Group VI Open division of the USSBA Southern States band competition this past weekend in Chattanooga. My elder daughter, Madeline, is a member of the

Design Goals for Ripsaw

In this installment of the Ripsaw project series I’ll sketch out some of my design goals for the new version of Ripsaw, and the rationale for those goals.

A New Article Series: Ripsaw

Several years ago I wrote a Windows application called “Ripsaw” that implemented the basic functionality of the Unix tail utility in a graphical application, with a few twists of my own. I had intended to release the application as an

Does Your Company Need a Consultant?

My current project is coming to an end, and although I’m looking at a couple of new projects to pick up, I thought it might be prudent to update my resume. If my skills look like they might be a

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to UI Design

Larry Osterman talked about Windows 7 user interface changes in a post today, and it generated a minor comment storm, in which I participated. He talked about some buttons that used to be obvious buttons in Windows Vista, but which


I can’t stand all the silly neologisms floating around the “blogosphere” (ugh) these days, like “webinar,” “vlog,” and all the silly tripe like that. But earlier today, I traded blog comments (I can’t even stand that word) with Larry Osterman,