Author: Paul Parks

Update on Ripsaw

A while back I started an article series on a utility named Ripsaw. I have since gotten pretty busy with other projects, and the only extracurricular thing I’ve worked on in the meantime is the lesson series on how to

New Guitar Tutorial Videos

I’ve just started creating a series of videos on Youtube on how to play the Eddie Van Halen instrumental “Spanish Fly” from the album Van Halen II. I’ve been promising these videos for about a year, after already having posted

How To Ward Off Interruptions

I don’t work at home exclusively anymore, which means that at some point during the daylight hours I’m usually at my desk at the office trying to get all the annoying work done so I can focus on the productive

Buy Some Stuff!

Ever since I was in high school, I’ve been drawing this little guy you see pictured here: My wife has named him “Smart Sam”. I finally applied for a trademark on the drawing, but the funny thing about trademarks is

New Contract

I’ve been signed to a new contract with my current client, on a new project working on self-service grocery again. This one should carry me well into next year, but I’m always keeping my eyes open just in case.

GWA Football: 2009 State Champs!

The George Walton Academy Bulldogs are GISA state football champions for the 2009 season! They defeated Deerfield-Windsor School in Albany, GA in the class AAA championship game yesterday, with a final score of 42-24. I am so proud of all

Act Now Before Price Increase

Talk about a hot sale price! If you’re getting a little tired of waiting around, now might be a good time to act. Of course, you probably won’t care about the price increase when the time comes.

Ripsaw Library Implementation

In this installment of the Ripsaw article series we’ll start putting some actual code into an implementation of the COM interfaces that we specified in the last article. For those of you who just joined the series, Ripsaw is a log viewer for Windows, similar to the Unix tail utility. This series of articles details my rewrite of the application from the ground up.

Android is Nice

This post was created with Android, though not with a phone. I’m planning to upgrade to a Motorola Droid next month, so I’ve been playing with the SDK and getting familiar with the OS using the emulator. It’s pretty nice,

GWA Band Marches at Walt Disney World

To cap off a fantastic competition season, the George Walton Academy Marching Bulldog Band marched in a parade at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. My elder daughter, Madeline, is a member of the color guard, and my wife and I