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A Script to Find All Aliases for a Cmdlet

I’ve mentioned before that I love PowerShell, but I’m still trying to commit enough Cmdlets and aliases to memory that I can be immediately productive from a Powershell prompt without having to have a browser window open to the Powershell

New Accelerated C++ Chapter!

I’ve finally started adding solutions for chapter 3 of Accelerated C++. Currently only the first three all exercises in chapter 3 are complete. I’ll continue to strive to add new solutions on a regular basis, at least two a week.

Accelerated C++ Solutions Moved to WordPress

I’ve finally moved my old solutions to the Accelerated C++ solutions to a new set of pages that I can edit with WordPress. There’s now a link and menu in the menu bar on this page. They still only go

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A Keyword I’d Like To See in C#

Although I use C# more and more these days, I still consider myself primarily a C++ developer. C# has a few really neat language features that are just now being added to C++ (like lambdas), but I still find C++

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Hyphens. Use them. They’re important.

I hate to follow one rant with another one, but I’ve got to get this off my chest. Look at these pictures: See the difference? The first picture is of a high-school student (my elder daughter, Madeline). The second picture

Please Stop Holding Project Status Meetings

(I’ve also posted this same article on Code Project.) Before I launch into the body of this essay, let me say that I think meetings are wonderful things. I’ll even go so far as to say that people in my

Supporting the Ribbon and Menus

How to support both the Ribbon and a traditional menu in a single executable and allow users to switch between them.

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Congratulations to the George Walton Academy Marching Bulldog Band for winning first place at the USSBA National Championships in Annapolis, MD in the Group VI division. The band won caption awards for overall effect, music, and percussion, and the color

Why Post from Powershell?

Because I can. Everyone knows the cool kids do everything from a command line.

Posting from Powershell!

This entry was created and uploaded from a Powershell Cmdlet that I wrote to interact with the WordPress API. I’m creating a full set of Cmdlets for each of the XML-RPC methods in the API. When they’re done, I’ll post