Dragsens – Console-based Drag Sensitivity Utility

Inspired by an article by Raymond Chen about how to correctly change the Windows mouse drag sensitivity, I wrote a simple utility called dragsens. It’s a small command-line utility that will allow you to change the number of pixels the mouse has to travel before a drag operation is initiated. Just download and unzip the utility, then run it at the command line.

Providing a single numeric parameter specifies the number of pixels for the mouse to travel.

To specify a different number of pixels for the X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) axes, use the /X and /Y parameters.

Entering dragsens or dragsens /? on the command line will display the following help text:

You may download the version 1.5 executable from GitHub:


If you’d like to examine or modify the source code or build your own executable rather than relying on the executable above, you may download the Visual Studio 2015 project and source from GitHub:


Please let me know if you encounter any problems or have any questions.

About the Utility

The utility is actually very simple. It accepts a single parameter, which is the number of pixels the mouse must travel with a button depressed before the motion registers as a drag action.


There isn’t one, really. Dragsens is completely free to download, use, modify, and distribute. Dragsens is provided as-is, without warranty and without support.

Change Log

Version 1.5

Moved source to GitHub and updated solution to Visual Studio 2015.

Version 1.4

Add /D parameter to display new and updated sensitivity settings.

Version 1.3

Fixed so that the utility will once again run on Windows XP.

Version 1.2

Adds /X and /Y parameters to allow for changing the horizontal and vertical axes independently.

Version 1.1

Version resource and support for a “/?” parameter.

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  1. It woud be great to have ability to disable copy/paste and ctrl c and v with this util

    Them it woud be complete.

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