Welcome to the personal web site of Paul M. Parks. This is where I keep my web development skills current while sharing snippets of code, utilities, libraries, and what little development wisdom I’ve gathered in my career. It’s also where I show off my family, talk about my hobbies, or just pontificate from time to time.

If you find the articles interesting, or if you’d like more information on a particular topic,
let me know.

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  1. Paul,

    We have found your little tool dragsense to be very handy. We have recommended it to several clients. I wanted to make sure that the application is open source and is shareware. If there is any licensing that needs to be purchased please let us know so we can get you paid. Our clients really like the tool…thanks!

    1. Hi, Kenyon,

      Thanks so much for the positive report! Yes, the tool is completely free, open source, and no licensing restrictions apply. I should add some verbiage to that effect on the project page.

      Maybe I should start working on Dragsens for Enterprises(TM) so I can charge something. ;)


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