Dragsens version 1.4

UPDATE: Download the latest version from the main project page. There is also a version of this utility with a graphical interface that’s easier to use.

It’s time for a new version of the command-line version of the dragsens utility, which allows one to change the mouse sensitivity for detecting mouse drag actions in Windows.

A comment posted by Mark suggested the addition of a parameter that would show the current sensitivity settings. I added a /D parameter which, when provided by itself in the parameter list, will output the current drag sensitivity settings for the X and Y axes:

This new parameter may also be combined with the existing parameters. For example, to display the current sensitivity settings, set the X and Y sensitivity to 20, and then display the new settings, enter dragsens 20 /d on the command line:

I took this opportunity to clean up the help text a little bit, too. Entering dragsens or dragsens /? on the command line will display the following:

You may download the version 1.4 executable here:

(MD5 hash: 651A73A9D1696E41AACABDCE2C8B4633)

If you’d like to examine or modify the source code or build your own executable rather than relying on the executable above, you may download the Visual Studio 2013 project and source here:

(MD5 hash: E6174040203F220D7F0041481206BBA8)

Please let me know if you encounter any problems or have any questions.

6 thoughts on “Dragsens version 1.4

  1. Hi Paul,

    Do you have to do this on a device by device basis, or can it be a setting against a network user’s account?


    1. Hi, Dan,

      The underlying API changes the setting on the device, so in order for the setting to follow the user around the user’s login script would probably have to call the utility with the desired settings.


  2. This is simply fabulous – thanks so much for making this available!

    No more accidental copies and moves in explorer… at last

  3. Nice !
    I rarely download and use apps provided on the internet but I am glad I did.
    I plan to make a batch file for my users to run with the settings baked in.
    This will make all of our lives better.
    Thanks !

  4. Works like a charm in Windows 10. I have Parkinson’s, and so get some unintended hand/finger movements at the mouse. For those who do not know, after downloading the dragsens.exe file, use Windows Explorer to move it to your C:\Users\ directory, then go to a command prompt and type something like ” dragsens 150 /d ” without the quote marks to change to 150 pixels, which requires movement of about five lines in Windows Explorer before the drag kicks in.

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