Updated Version of Dragsens

UPDATE: Download the latest version from the main project page. There is also a version of this utility with a graphical interface that’s easier to use.

I have built a new version of the dragsens utility, which allows one to change the mouse sensitivity for detecting mouse drag actions in Windows.

This new version fulfills a request by Zach to add the capability to set the horizontal and vertical sensitivity independently. This is accomplished through two new command-line parameters, /X and /Y. Specifying just one of these parameters will change the sensitivity in only that axis:

It is also possible to provide both parameters at once:

Providing only a number on the command line will change both the horizontal and vertical axes to the same number of pixels.

You may download the version 1.3 executable here:

(MD5 hash: C86AC30E3A07D6D063C3F710CE65C772)

If you’d like to examine or modify the source code or build your own executable rather than relying on the executable above, you may download the Visual Studio 2012 project and source here:

(MD5 hash: B510F29CFDF1F8AFCA8857ACEB7870D8)

Please let me know if you encounter any problems or have any questions.

9 thoughts on “Updated Version of Dragsens

    1. Sorry, and thanks for letting me know! The first link was indeed messed up. I’ve fixed it now. I’d have gotten to it sooner, but my comment notifications were getting sent to my spam folder for some reason.

  1. Just wanted to thank you for this little app–I used the earlier version and it has made my life in Win7 much easier…’-}}

    I appreciate your having taken the time to update it to allow each value to be set differently–it’s nice that you kept the original single-set format too–and that you added a bit of documentation on how it works.

    1. That error would indicate that something possibly went wrong in the download or extraction of the executable. The collection of bytes on your disk bearing the name “dragsens.exe” is not a valid Windows executable, for some reason. Try the download again, compare it to what you already have, and try again.

    2. My apologies… I’ve since realized that the Visual Studio project was generating an executable that was invalid for XP. I’ve since upgraded to Visual Studio 2013 and used settings that will generate a valid XP executable. Please download version 1.3 linked in the article above.

  2. When I run the executable in Windows 8.1 Pro, the command window flashes open for a fraction of a second then closes again.

    Sorry, I’m not uber-savvy down to code level. I’m disabled with ALS and I’m looking to separate the x & y sensitivities of a head operated mouse.

    Any ideas?

    1. The utility is designed to be run from the command prompt. You’ll need to open a command-prompt window, change directory to where the utility is located, and then run it.

      If you don’t have the command prompt already pinned to your taskbar or Start screen, you can open it by following these steps:

      * Open the Start screen.
      * Open the Charms bar on the right side and touch or click Search.
      * Type “cmd” in the search box.
      * The first option that should appear below the search box will be a shortcut named “Command Prompt.” If it’s already selected, just press Enter on the keyboard; otherwise click/touch the shortcut.

      If you’ve placed dragsens.exe in your Users directory (such as C:\Users\YourNameHere), then you can just run dragsens to see a short help screen. Otherwise, follow the directions provided in this post.

      If you’ve placed dragsens.exe in a different directory, use the CD command in the command prompt to change to that directory:

      CD \directory\that\contains\utility

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


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