Facebook and Your Grandchildren

I think most people, at some point, have tried to keep a diary. Most people also gave up after a few days. Yet Facebook is like a diary that you’ll let your 900 closest friends read, and you have to try not to constantly write stuff on your page.

That realization made me wonder what it would be like if my grandparents had had Facebook pages in their teenage years. I would love to be able to read what they would have posted, or what videos and pictures they might have shared, if the technology had existed back then (in the case of my maternal grandfather, this would have been in from the 1880’s onward).

That made me wonder what my grandchildren will think when they read my Facebook page. Now, whenever I update my status or post a photo album I think about the people that might read it years from now.

The next time you type “OMG GOT SO WASTED LAST NIGHT LOL,” do think about your grandchildren before you hit the “Post” button. Of course, if you were partying with your grandchildren when you got wasted, well… okay, party on, I guess.


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