I have a wide screen. Let me use it.

Dear web-design people,

Please don’t design sites that look like this:

Waste of space!
Waste of space!

Rather, please design sites that look like this:

This uses space more effectively.
This uses space more effectively.

I’m not knocking Herb Sutter, here. I’m pretty sure he’s just using a stock template, but templates that don’t flow to fit the browser width really puzzle me. Is there a good reason for them that I’m just not aware of?

5 thoughts on “I have a wide screen. Let me use it.

  1. because its impossible to read a row of text that long. and you have a widescreen. dont fill up the entire thing with a single browser window

    1. I actually don’t find it difficult at all to read text on a wide screen. Another thing I like about flowing text all the way across is that I can fit more text on a single screen without having to scroll down. Since I tend to refer to text on one monitor while I’m coding on another, this is very helpful.

      If for some reason I find that I need the text to be formatted in a narrower column, I can, as you suggest, re-size the browser window so that it’s not full-screen. I like having the freedom to flow the text to fit my needs rather than having the format dictated by an inflexible template.

      1. I like something in between those two pictures. Something that doesn’t take up the whole screen, but does take up most of it. Like this website for example. Websites like the bottom picture just look… bloated.

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