New Accelerated C++ Chapter!

I’ve finally started adding solutions for chapter 3 of Accelerated C++. Currently only the first three all exercises in chapter 3 are complete. I’ll continue to strive to add new solutions on a regular basis, at least two a week.

The new solutions were rather involved, so please let me know if I can improve the solutions in any way.

Update: Now I’m part of the way into chapter 4. It’s really starting to roll now.

3 thoughts on “New Accelerated C++ Chapter!

  1. I’m starting to read chapter 4 too.
    C++ is my first language and this is a great book but there is the lack of solutions.
    Thanks for your effort, your solutions are very useful mate

  2. Keep up the good work!
    I’ve been developing in C# since the beginning of .NET and recently have been thinking about getting back to my C++ roots.
    I just picked this book up and looking forward to reviewing my solutions with others.

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