Update on Ripsaw

A while back I started an article series on a utility named Ripsaw. I have since gotten pretty busy with other projects, and the only extracurricular thing I’ve worked on in the meantime is the lesson series on how to play “Spanish Fly”. I was also waiting for Visual Studio 2010 to hit release, but I haven’t moved up to Professional yet, so I may actually drop the whole project back down to VS 2008 when I start it up again.

On top of all that, Blogger is yanking the rug out from under me with some changes to how it updates certain sites, and I want to get that resolved before I add any significant new content. I just wanted to let everyone know that the project isn’t dead; in fact, there have been several times over the last few weeks when I’ve needed a utility like Ripsaw, so this is definitely going to get done eventually.


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