A New Article Series: Ripsaw

Several years ago I wrote a Windows application called “Ripsaw” that implemented the basic functionality of the Unix tail utility in a graphical application, with a few twists of my own. I had intended to release the application as an open-source project, and although I still use the tool quite a bit I never got around to giving it the necessary polish for a public release. I’ve only shared it with a few friends and co-workers.

I’ve just downloaded Beta 2 of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, and I’ve decided to create a new version of Ripsaw from the ground up so that I can become familiar with the new IDE and compiler. Besides being a chance to finally get Ripsaw right, this will also be an opportunity to create a series of articles on how I develop a complete application, from the first ideas through design, implementation, testing, and release. I’ll walk you through all of the design decisions and trade-offs, the problems I run into along the way, and the development methodologies I use.

I would really appreciate your feedback, ideas, suggestions, and criticisms. This is going to be fun!


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