Useless Gadget Features

I guess I would never make it as the CEO of some electronic gadget company, because I would never dream of loading down every gadget with a web browser and a picture viewer. I love my Nintendo Wii; I’ve spent hours playing Mario Kart or bowling with the kids. I even got Wii Fit, though I use the Balance Board more for Shaun White Snowboarding (and get a better workout doing it). But I’ve never looked at pictures on my Wii. I’ve only browsed the web just to see what it looks like, and whether a couple of my sites were readable (not very).

So, I’m dying to know why gadget companies feel that it’s necessary to load down every product with useless stuff like this? If a professional geek like me doesn’t even bother to use these features, then who is using them?

I’d much rather see gadget makers spend some time and resources on the core functionality of their gadgets (do you hear me, phone people?) than on browsing, social networking, or photo viewing.


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