Pre-emptive Snarkiness

It’s all about the sense of humor, people. First of all, read the “pre-emptive snarky comment” that I wrote in the earlier entry about the dragsens utility. It’s pretty clear that, first of all, I’m tipping my hat to Raymond Chen by even adding a pre-emptive snarky comment. Second, it should also be clear that I’m mentioning the size only because I’m trying to head off any snarky comments about it. Alas, that just doesn’t stop some people.

In my first comment to Raymond’s article I mentioned that it took me only eleven minutes to write the utility. That was the entire point of the exercise, really. If the utility happens to be useful as well, that’s fantastic. In fact, the reason that I bothered to take an extra 30 seconds and link in the C runtime was to make it easier to use. Just copy it to your favorite USB drive, and off you go. If you don’t have 84KB free on your drive for the ZIP file, then that’s still okay. You can download the source and VS project and build it any way you like. Not a problem.

So, despite the fact that I clearly stated that I was aware that I could make the utility very tiny if I wanted to take the time to do so (when I said, “Of course you could. So could I.”), someone still didn’t get it. I guess quoting me out of context, or perhaps even putting words in my mouth, is more fun.

If I wanted to make it smaller, perhaps I could dispense with the CRT altogether. Perhaps I could write it in assembly language. Who knows. It doesn’t matter. I just wasn’t inclined to take any more time gold-plating what I regarded as a very simple exercise. The utility does what it is supposed to do, with a very tiny investment in programming time. That’s all I was out to prove. I made the source freely available, with no strings, in case anyone wanted to tweak it to handle some situation that I didn’t think about, or perhaps wanted a different implementation (like setting the width and height separately).

As Raymond might say, I can’t believe I had to write that.


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